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The Catastrophic Roots of Religion Revealed

‘In ‘When The Gods Came Down’, published in April 2000, Alan Alford provides answers to some of the greatest questions imaginable:

  • How should we understand the term ‘God’? Why was the Old Testament God Yahweh such a violent character?
  • Who was Jesus Christ? In what sense was he ‘the son of God’? Why was he crucified? What was meant by his resurrection?
  • Who were Adam and Eve? Why were they created in the image of God? Where was the Garden of Eden?
  • Who was Noah? Why was there a Flood? What exactly was Noah’s Ark?
  • Who was Moses? Where was Mount Sinai? What was the Ark of the Covenant?

Alford’s investigation focuses on the parallels between Judaeo-Christian mythology and the older myths of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. These earlier myths, he explains, used the principles of personification and allegory to encode a story of a cataclysmic creation of the Universe. The God and the gods personified the cataclysmic destruction of the old cosmic order, the fall of the sky, and the seeding of the earth.

Applying his findings to Judaeo-Christianity, Alford unveils the secret meaning of God’s creation of the heavens and Earth, the Flood, the creation of man, and the Exodus, as well as the concept of original sin. And he goes on to reveal that the true Jesus Christ belonged to the mythical beginning of time, the story of his death and resurrection being an ingenious esoteric parable for the death and rebirth of the cosmos. If Jesus existed two thousand years ago, he argues, then in all probability he was a human actor who played the role of the primeval Christ in a Passion play.

In summary, ‘When The Gods Came Down’ presents a new theory of myth which has profound implications for our understanding of modern religion and important ramifications for other theories of myth (e.g. the weather-gods theory; the ancient astronaut theory; the Euhemerist theory; the Saturn theory). Without reservation, we recommend this book as one of the most original, enlightening, and liberating studies of the 20th and 21st centuries. But don’t take our word for it; check out the page upon page of readers’ reviews!

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