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The Death and Rebirth of God in Ancient Egypt

The 'midnight sun' is an image from the Greek mysteries, but it has its roots in the ancient Egyptian books of the afterlife, in particular the myth of the sun-god's reunion with his mummified body in the netherworld - a meeting which caused the soul to come forth from the body, and light to come forth from the darkness. It is a fitting title for this book, in which Alan F. Alford seeks to decode the mysteries of ancient Egypt and thereby shed light on the legacy which is to be found in the secret lores of Buddhism, Christianity, the Hermetica, Hinduism, Judaism, and Islam.

Many books have dealt with the exoteric forms of the Egyptian mysteries. From orthodox Egyptology, there have been numerous books on the sun cult, while from alternative or pseudo-Egyptology there have been several bestselling books proclaiming the importance of the star cult, focusing in particular on Orion or Sirius. Other writings have emphasised the importance of the moon.

Unfortunately, none of these books or theories has been able to explain the monumental scale of the buildings in Egypt. Supposedly the pyramids and temples were inspired by a religious vision. Yet our interpretation of the Egyptian religion is unable to make sense of the architectural splendour that stands before our eyes. It is for this reason that theories of aliens and Atlantians continue to gain support among seemingly rational and intelligent people.

In 'The Midnight Sun', Alan F. Alford offers a new interpretation of ancient Egyptian religion that he believes explains once and for all the efforts that were put into building the pyramids and temples. The essence of his theory is that the religion was not a sun cult, nor a star cult per se, but a 'cult of creation', i.e. a cult whose primary aim was to celebrate and re-enact perpetually the myth of the creation of the cosmos. Pyramids and temples, he argues, were built as representations of the cosmos in its moment of coming-into-being, in order to harness the magical energy of creation and thereby ensure the immortality of the world.

Central to Alford's theory is a reappraisal of the Egyptian creation myth. These myths have long been dismissed as 'simple folk tales of the origins of the world', which are unable to bear the weight of Egyptian religion. Alford, however, is able to demonstrate that the myth actually describes a consistent and rational physics of creation involving the death and rebirth of the cosmos. Moreover, he is able to show that the re-enactment of this myth at the pyramids and in the temples was absolutely fundamental to the Egyptian vision of rejuvenating the world.

This book is the companion volume to 'Pyramid of Secrets' and Alford draws the two books together in the final chapter by interpreting the symbolism of the Great Pyramid in the light of his 'cult of creation' theory. His astonishing conclusion is that the tomb of its builder Khufu remains intact to this day, hidden in a network of caves beneath the Pyramid. Having already won support for this theory from the Egyptologist Christine El Mahdy, Alford believes that this book will persuade the authorities to put his theories to the test.

In summary, 'The Midnight Sun' is a truly ground-breaking book which offers a holistic solution to the myths, cults, and rituals of ancient Egypt. Although aimed primarily at the academic specialist, it is written in an accessible style for the general reader and will be appreciated by all those who desire an authentic initiation into the secret lore of the ancient Egyptians. This is Alan Alford's magnum opus - a great work that is destined to become an authoritative manual for 21st century students of Egyptology.

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